Видео: DEEP TOWN Defeating Coal Monster! - FULL BATTLE

Killing coal monster / coal elder boss

Let me show you how to destroy Coal Elder monster in Deep Town game.

Deep Town: Defeating Each & Every Elder Back to Back

Hello guys, welcome to Pantologic. Its time to defeat each and every elder (boss) in Deep Town Mining Factory android game; ...


Here is exactly what to do in order to beat the Amber Elder boss on Deep Town. Take in all your damage spells and the Ice Freeze ...

Destroying Coal Elder - Area 22 / Deep Town

This how you can destroy coal elder at area 22. Miracle gas is must to beat coal elder at area 22. Destroying coal elder - Area 22 ...

DEEP TOWN | Defeating the Aluminium Elder! Block 429!

This is the only way to defeat the Aluminium Elder in Deep Town. Firstly, you have to complete the building of the space shuttle, ...

DEEP TOWN elders kill LEVEL 435

elders kill ,,copper,amber,aluminium,gold,emerald,oil,uranium and obsidian.,,

Deep Town: Mining Factory-Defeat Coal Elder (easy)

Few tips of how to defeat this boss.

DEEP TOWN - Complete all quest terraforming


Defeating uranium elder! | Deep town

Heya, here ill show you how i defeated the uranium elder! hope you enjoy!

Deep town episode 3 Coal monster???

I defeated a huge coal monster.

Deep Town - Toxic Bomb, try new weapon

New weapon has been released Toxic Bomb to make this you need 10 Sulfuric Acid and make the bomb in chemistry building lest ...

Deep Town: Recipe for defeating the Obsidian Elder

Hello guys, welcome to Pantologic. Its time to defeat the Obsidian elder and that too in the fastest way possible. So, let's see the ...

Deep Town: How To Pump Oil

Having trouble pumping oil in Deep Town? Look no further, this 2 minute video will have you back on your feet in no time!

Deep Town Epic Progression Push: 36 Blocks, 14 Skill Levels & Coal Elder Boss Battle

It is safe to say I am now addicted to Deep Town. Watch as I defeat my first major boss, The Coal Elder, and push as many blocks ...

How to use the electric zap in deep town

You just need to make the amber charger from the crafting and for every time you use the electric zap you will lose one amber ...

Deeptown Emerald Elder Boss( 647 Block) Cleared

you need 33 of Green Laser(at lv240) to defeat Boss Lv cap : 240 block : 655.

DEEP TOWN | Oil Elder First Encounter! Depth 753

Deep Town Oil Elder Boss! Hey guys we're back! We're loving the latest update to Deep Town, it features a whole host of new ...

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